Ahh the rites of Spring,  warm weather and things starting to bloom and green. But for some of us the big reveal of your lawn is littered with brown spots of dead grass.

We have had to deal with this for the last 6 years, our dog is on a tie out in our front yard, so she is fairly limited on where she can go to the bathroom. This in turn has killed some spots in our grass. All our neighbors have immaculate lawns, which motivates me  to make sure we have a nice yard too, but things are looking pretty grim right now.

If you are having this same problem, check out the video below. I know in the past our grass has greened right up eventually. I am not too keen on giving the dog supplements, or hosing down the grass every time after she goes to the bathroom. But I may try some kid of fertilizer to repair some of the spots and put her in the backyard for the summer.