Now all super hero's than I have known have a spandex, maybe rubber suit, with a cape or a utility belt. This individual was a super hero that celebrated "Casual Friday" 7 days a week and evidently drank on the job while protecting the ladies.

I wonder if Marvel will come out with a comic book, or Warner Bros a movie about this non-masked, non-caped crusader... I mean drunk.

A self-professed protector of women was arrested for public intoxication Monday afternoon.

Iowa City Police Officers were dispatched to the Pedestrian Mall at 2:43 p.m. for multiple complaints of a man harassing people. Police said they found 34-year-old Jerald T. Navarre shouting and smelling of alcohol.

Police said Navarre showed signs of intoxication, admitted to drinking and told officers he was “a little drunk.” He refused pre- and post-arrest breath tests.

via 'Captain Save-A-Ho' arrested on Ped Mall | Iowa City Press Citizen |