The great debate is on in what is now major grilling season in the Twin Ports. Cooper and I had a conversation about grills and he and Tony Hart are fans of charcoal, while I am a fan of a gas grill, so we opened up the conversation on Facebook to see what you the listener had to say about it.

Ronald Yelsnit: I've used both and Charcoal all the way! You might as well grill on your stove inside your home...same thing.

Andy Harvey: A good cook can season food to make it taste
smokey like a charcoal grill with gas and have the convenience as well. Gas all day and night.

Tim JS: Ooooooh! Tough one! I love charcoal, the smell, and food tastes so good with charcoal. Better flavor, for sure! I do love charcoal! BUT...gas is also convenient; seems easier to maintain a girl temp. I've grilled with both methods, but in the end...I'd go with charcoal.

Kris Hughes I love charcoal ... I think it tastes the best. But you can beat the ease of a gas grill. ☀️

The final Tally was Charcoal- 14 Gas-8 Wood Pellets-2 So it seems that the old school charcoal method is preferred, but I personally will stick with gas. :)