I love the movie Alvin and The Chipmunks, and I think they are adorable from a- far, but when I have a chipmunk running around our living room.....that is a whole different story. In case you missed it on the show this morning, here is the short version :


We have a cat, her name is Jasmine, we are guessing she is about 4 years old by now, and a tad overweight.  She was a stray before we adopted her and in the summer she constantly gets out of the house. Yesterday, my family and I were in the living room watching t.v. when the cat strolls in with something her mouth. I start yelling what is that? All our yelling scared the cat so, she dropped it....A CHIPMUNK and it was very much alive and ran under our couch. I hate any kind of rodents even as cute as a chipmunk.  Our boys were off swimming so I drew the short straw to catch it.....Here was his route......under the couch, behind the computer desk , back under the couch, over the pile of shoes, across the floor diving into the dog bed under her toys, and the ironically enough into the cat tower. That is when I was able to block him in and set him free out the front door. Whew......the poor little chipmunk was fine and ran away and the whole thing probably was about 3 minutes long, but seemed like an eternity.......So we sat down with the kids and explained you have to shut the door going out to the garage or pretty soon we will have a zoo in the house.  The cat is being watched even more closely , even  though we know she will sneak out at some point......I guess she was paying her rent.....how about cash next time?