It's no secret things get heated between NFL teams on game day. With plenty of smack talk and extra little jabs, the passion of the game can sometimes spill into actions a player might regret after the clock ticks down to zero. In this weekend's game between the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals, Packers linebacker Clay Matthews left behind his typically classy demeanor as well as his sense of good sportsmanship.

With the score 10-0 in favor of Arizona, with the Cardinals threatening to score again, Matthews took Palmer to the ground as he threw the ball away to avoid a sack. After the tackle, Matthews extended his hand in what looked like an offer to help Palmer up. The thing is, Matthews pulled his hand away before Palmer could take advantage of the gesture. Like I said before, a lot of smack talk goes on during a game, and it's possible Palmer said something to Matthews to encourage the fake-out; but on the surface this just looks childish.

At this point in the game, Arizona only led by 10 points, so it wasn't like the game was totally out of hand (yet). We probably won't know the reason for the jerk move, but from an observer's perspective, it just looks like Matthews was just being a bad sport. You can see the full game clip here.