After an exciting football season and heated contest in our Pigskin Pick 'Em, we're excited to announce the big winner. Brenda (pictured above) proved she was the most skilled in picking the winners this season, outguessing the rest of the competitors in the Twin Ports in our contest. For her efforts, she has been awarded with a $300 budget to throw a party, plus she's now going to have a chance to win $10,000 cash if she correctly guesses scores and the winner of the big game on February 7.

Brenda said she didn't have too much of a specific strategy, but she liked to pick her favorite team, the Packers, as much as possible. She also admitted that she would side with the Vikings in games where her favorite team and the Vikes weren't playing against each other; which brought a little peace to a house divided between the two teams. While she has been a Packers fan since her first visit to Lambeau in the 1970s, her husband is a VIkings fan.

Brenda's big prediction, which could win her that $10,000 cash prize, is as follows:

  • Halftime: Panthers 17, Broncos 10
  • Final: Panthers 37, Broncos 23

Good luck to Brenda, and thanks to everyone that played this year!