Remember this guy? Antoine Dodson became a huge internet sensation with his television news appearance warning people to "hide your kids, hide your wife" after a break-in situation where a woman woke up with a strange man in her bed. The event, which became known as the "bed intruder" incident, led to local news coverage that introduced the world to Dodson. Shortly after footage hit the web, the video led to a music video style remix of the footage that became a viral video sensation.

The seemingly noble anti-crime spokesperson apparently had some personal issues with the law. Police stopped Dodson in Huntsville, Alabama last weekend for violating a noise ordinance with loud music (undoubtedly his youtube song). During the stop, police discovered there was an outstanding warrant for possession of marijuana stemming from an April incident. One has to wonder if this had Dodson shouting "hide your weed, hide your criminal history." Dodson was taken into custody and posted bail shortly after.

Just for the fun of it, here's the viral video that sprung Dodson into stardom.