For residents of the Lakeside area in Duluth, be very careful  and monitor your dog or dogs to keep them away from some wild animals who may be carrying the distemper virus.

According to WDIO,  this very serious and contagious disease has been found in some infected fox, racoons and skunks in the area and can be passed on to your dog. Their is no known cure for the disease.

Many of these wild animals that have distemper may appear to be acting strangely, but do not go near them or touch under any circumstances. If a human is bitten you may have to get rabies shots. The best advise is to call animal control or 911 as a non emergency.

I live out in the Lakeside are and a few weeks ago i had seen around seven dead racoon on London Road in a 15 block radius. I remember thinking to myself how odd that was to see so many of them, but according to  Officer Carrie Lane from Animal Control, many of the dead racoons that have been hit most likely had distemper because generally they are not out during the day.

I have always been nervous having our dogs out on their tie outs at night, but now I am extra cautious at all times, and make sure your dogs are also up to date on their shots!