Living in the Northland, many people are avid outdoors enthusiasts; taking advantage of the multitude of fishing and hunting opportunities. That includes many of us here at the station. It turns out that while Ian grew up here and sports a big, bushy beard and flannel shirts, he isn't nearly as experienced in that word as you might guess.

He famously tells the story of how the only time he ever shot a gun was when he shot a .22 and hit the wrong target. Yes, his aim was THAT bad. Tony and Ian hit the road with Ken from our sister station B105 to do some shooting, and give Ian the chance to shoot a real gun for the first time.

As Ken put it, he "expected the gun to kick like a howitzer", based on how he acted when he shot the .30-30 (seen in the video below). Apparently he even winced when he pulled the trigger on the .22. In any case, way to be a good sport Ian! Here he is, looking like he got punched in the face while shooting a .30-30.