Around 3pm today the lights flickered here at the Mix 108 studios on Central Entrance in Duluth and several minutes later a very distinct smell of fire, particularly something electrical burning, and in a building with a ton of wires and electrical equipment a smell like this has to be taken seriously!It didn't take long for us to evacuate the building and call 911, the Duluth Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene, and in force, with 5 fire trucks and several brave firefighters ready to battle whatever lie ahead of them, which turns out wasn't much.

After about a half hour of looking and climbing on the roof, they didn't find much and they suspect maybe an electrical short in a fan within the HVAC system. Needless to say everything is good and everyone is safe!  A big thanks to the Duluth Fire Department for being prompt and professional, it's nice to know you're there, keep up the great work!