Duluth is one step closer to earning another title for itself after advancing to the championship round in Duluth Trading Company's Flannel City Face-off. Most notably, the Zenith City earned the title of best outdoor town in the country earlier this year, and our fair town is now working toward earning the prestigious title of "most flannel city in America." The bracket-style competition is being operated by the Duluth Trading Company on their website.

The first round of the 16-city competition saw Duluth beat Minneapolis 1,746 votes to 496 votes. In round two, Duluth beat Missoula, Montana in a 3,098 to 2,215 vote race. The semifinal round had Duluth toppling Denver, Colorado in a 3,008-1,036 landslide.

Duluth faces a tough competitor in the championship round, going up against the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The U.P. has collected the most votes of all cities in each round of the competition, and got off to an early lead as voting kicked off late Tuesday night. Voting for this round goes through the afternoon of Monday, October 27, with a winner being crowned shortly after.

It only seems fitting that the best outdoor town in the country would also be known for flannel; so help support Duluth by voting! Click the button below to submit your vote!