Escalators are now few and far between, at least here in the Northland, but for some people trying to get to the train, this escalator ended up causing a nightmare commute.

Cooper and I were talking about this earlier today how as a kid I was terrified of them. I remember my mom having to coax me to jump off as I would just keep stepping backwards or jump off at the end. I was convinced that I would get sucked through the floor.

As I got older I thought they were awesome and would seek them out, and I often wondered what would happen If they would accidentally speed up, or in this case go in the wrong direction. A few poor people found out that it is scary and you have to think on your feet.

A few people jumped over the railing and a couple more were injured as they fell into a heap at the bottom of the steps, but fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. Check out the video below.