Cooper and I were discussing this morning how Designer Tom Ford was saying that the only appropriate place for Flip Flops is at the beach. I strongly disagree. I think that they have taken on a life of their own, and many people in the Northland agree!


"I have been wearing flip flops for the past few months. If I can see a little grass and a sidewalk, I wear them. Friends think I am weird and even took a picture of me next to a snow bank in my flips. lol"


"I wear flip flops all the time! I have 30+ flip flops in a variety of colors and designs and I LOVE THEM!  They are appropriate virtually anywhere and everywhere!"


"Just got done hearing the whole don't wear sandals with socks and I totally disagree big time. I wear them year round like that an I love it. I don't think it looks bad either. Now flip flops on the other hand can't be wore year round cuz your toes will get cold and you can't wear socks with them. I just started a year ago wearing flip flood cuz of the whole toe thing- I hate feet and think they are disgusting. just my opinion."


Like I said this morning, it is your right to wear flip flops anytime anywhere, just make sure you do not have nasty feet or toe nails. Nobody wants to see that. If you want to voice your opinion, click on the comment box below. :)