If you, or your friends and family like to play tennis, here is a great place to go that is very low cost and you can play outdoors.

Over the past few months I have been changing up the way I go to work and now my route of choice includes driving through the Congdon neighborhood, when I noticed what looked like a building you would see at a Country Club, smack dab in the middle if this neighborhood.

It is the Longview Tennis Club, obviously I saw the tennis courts below which peaked my curiosity. The courts are very well maintained and I often see many people playing  at all hours of the day, So I decided to do some research.

Duluth Friends of Tennis is a non-profit community tennis association dedicated to promoting tennis in Duluth. They maintain the courts and the clubhouse and even offer group and private tennis lessons for kids and adults. The beauty of a place like this is for people or families that just want to play tennis, they do not have to join a Country Club in order to play the game.

The cost for a membership is very minimal and it offers kids in the community a chance to learn how to play this great game. For myself I grew up playing tennis as soon as I learned how to hold a racquet and played all my life including in high school. I have not played much since I got out of College, mainly because I had no where to play, but I am definitely going to look into getting a membership, so our kids can learn to play as well.

If you would like more information about the Longview Tennis Club CLICK HERE