Live radio or TV broadcasts through history are ripe with funny or embarrassing moments - or incidents where someone gets caught up in the moment and utters one of those prohibited words live on the air.

The most recent happened at the conclusion of the Sun Bowl after Georgia Tech beat USC. Rod Sweeting, full of emotion after the win, was trying to grasp the moment, saying "S***, I..." before teammates and the CBS reporter reacted to the word and the reporter said "let's try that again".

Further acknowledging the "oopsie" moment, CBS Sports Broadcaster Verne Lundquist commented later in the broadcast, saying "If you wonder whether or not there is a seven second tape delay on these broadcasts, there isn't."

The way he said it, had the players, reporter, and Verne not blatantly acknowledged the word; it might have gone unnoticed - unless you looped back a couple seconds on the DVR to confirm what you thought you heard. Although there is no way you could have known and told all of the players behind him not to react, just rolling with it and moving on would have been a classier move.

As I've said in the past, "s*** happens"; and while advocacy groups may cry foul, it isn't the most damaging thing that could have happened. Watchdog groups who file complaints about these incidents point to sports as programming that should be family-friendly in nature, yet nothing is said about all of the sexually-charged beer ads that play during the game. Personally, I don't take issue with those commercials either, if groups are going to attempt to protect the "family-friendly" nature of sports, it seems kind of hypocritical to pick an choose what you will react adversely to.

In any case, it is always fun to point and giggle when accidents like this happen because it is such a big "no-no" for the broadcast world. Such a "no-no" that fines of millions of dollars can be leveraged by the FCC on broadcasters for airing such "filth". So, without further delay, let's all point and giggle.

Watch Georgia Tech's Rod Sweeting Say $h!t on National TV