After nearly ten years and $78 million the new Duluth International Airport passenger terminal is just days away from its first flight.

On January 14th the first passengers from the new terminal will board the 6am United Airlines flight to Chicago O’Hare.

The new terminal features a 400-seat passenger seating area, complete with WI-FI, TVs, multiple in-floor outlets for travelers’ electronics, a restaurant and lounge, gift shop, vending and restrooms.

The new terminal also meets FAA compliance requirements, Department of Homeland Security post 9/11 requirements, and Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility guidelines.

The old terminal will permanently close after the last scheduled flight at 10:37pm on Sunday, January 13. Demolition of the old terminal will begin in February. Passengers will board and de-plane from one gate in the new terminal until demolition of the old terminal is complete.

The Airport will begin construction of a new 366-spot parking ramp with direct skywalk access to the terminal, which is scheduled to be completed in fall 2013.