The female coaches seat on The Voice will be rotating again with a different coach, well returning coach, Christina Aguilera.

Granted being a coach on The Voice is a huge time commitment, but it seems kind of insane with the back and forth every season. Of course X-tina was one of the original coaches then Shakira filled in 1 season, then X-tina was back then Gwen Stefani filled in twice, and now she is back again.

In her defense she did have a baby and is working on a new album, but jeez how do Adam Levine and Blake Shelton keep at it every year? Christina is definitely one of the more popular coaches and is one of my favorites, so I welcome it.

I do have to say though If I were Gwen Stefani I may fell slighted in some way, like I can only fill in when Christina is too busy?  But, If they would pay me the mountains of cash she gets, I would be like "hey it's all good!