I am sure everyone on the planet remembers the striped dress that threw everyone in a tizzy. Some people saw different colors after staring at, well now here is something pretty similar.

The difference with this test though is that everyone should see the same thing, but I think it is still a little freaky. Here is how it works, look at the Picture below and stare at the dot on the woman's nose for around 15 seconds, then look over at the blank white screen next to it. You should see a woman with shoulder length brown hair.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail U.K.

Yikes, this totally freaks me out, but then again I am a total weirdo who freaks out over things that I don't totally understand  Of course their is a totally logical explanation for this according the The Daily Mail U.K. it is called a 'negative afterimage' and is proof at how complicated the human brain can be, even though I am still a little baffled. :)