On my way to work I often drive by a little building that is a shoe repair store, and I wonder to myself, who are the people that get their shoes fixed versus just buy a new pair? Well I found the answer, three of my co-workers do.

Thank goodness that these places exist, and actually you have a few  to choose from around the Twin Ports.  I for one have never brought a pair of shoes in to get repaired, because the few dress shoes I do have do not get worn enough to need to be repaired.

So I asked my co-workers and they all said if they are nice or expensive shoes the soles and heels tend to wear out and it is much cheaper to get them repaired then to purchase a new ones. My co-worker Ray  is having issues with the sole of his shoes,  and said that he needs to get these fixed because he loves them, and they are all worn in just how he likes them.

So whether it is a pair of expensive dress shoes, or it is that one pair of shoes or boots you just can't part with, you have options instead of throwing them out and getting a new pair!