Iggy Azalea is coming under fire yet again. This time, it's due to some statements she made on Twitter over the past two days. The Australian rapper told a Twitter user to never call her "Becky" because it is a stereotype against white women.

"It was used as a play on brain and Brian," Azalea replied to another Twitter user. "You would not be down if I started calling all black men Deshawns."

The "Fancy" rapper compared the use of Becky to other names which are meant to stereotype and offend.

"Generalizing ANY race by calling them one sterotypical name for said race. i personally dont think is very cool, the end." Azalea wrote. "I don't care. Don't call all Asian women 'Ming Lee.' Don't call white women 'Becky.' Don't call black women 'Sha Nay Nay."

Iggy Azalea got frustrated as Twitter users pushed back at her statements. She claimed to be called Becky many times throughout her life.

"Girl bye," Azalea fired back at one user. "Do you know how many time ppl have called me Becky? It didn't have any kind of positive intention behind it. Don't start.."

Iggy Azalea clarified that none of her statements were directed at Beyoncé. The rapper professed her love for the singer's new album Lemonade.

"And by the way, this is not Bey shade," Azalea clarified. "I love her and the album. But my name is Iggy, and you will all call me that."

While most of the back and forth occurred yesterday (April 25), Iggy Azalea did continue to argue her point today (April 26). She contended that Becky stood for white women who love oral sex.

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