Last night I really wanted to go to a movie so I swung on down to the theater.  I had wanted to see 'Edge of Tomorrow' since I first saw the trailer months ago.

I always make sure to show up early to the theater here.  I had never been to a theater that had a bar in it before so naturally this is great to not only have a drink at the theater, but to be able to take it with you into the movie.


As for the movie, it was quite frankly great.  I loved it, there was a ton of action, a little bit of romance and some comedy injected as well.


The premise is that Tom Cruise who stars as Major Cage relives the same day over and over.  This just so happens to be the same day as the assault of an extraterrestrial force.  The idea was great.  It's actually based on a book, and I plan on hunting the book down now myself to see it.  As you can imagine, the action sequences of the same day might become monotonous as you watch, but the makers did great to add differences.

There were some humorous parts as well (think Groundhog Day).  Overall the movie had a somber tone to it though.  He was reliving the same day over and over.  Emily Blunt was easy to be believed as a veteran hard-case soldier.  However, even within that the makers of the film were able to inject some humor.


All in all, I loved the movie.  I would definitely recommend going.