My fiance and I are getting married in three weeks, the other day she randomly brings up Macklemore's upcoming concert and gives me a plot twist.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be bringing their This Unruly Mess I Made Tour to the Target Center Wednesday June 8th. So far I've enjoyed the music Macklemore has released and have heard nothing but great things about his live performances.

The other day my fiance started talking about how tickets are still available and here I'm thinking, "Awesome, I'm gonna get to go see Macklemore". She buys the tickets and then calls one of her best friends Sarah to tell her that she's taking her to the concert instead of me.

I love that she's spontaneous and here's to never assuming. Since I actually found someone willing to marry me, I'm not that bitter. Hopefully they have a great time at tonight's concert! Has this ever happened to you with your significant other? Let me know in the comments below.