I am someone who is always up for a challenge, but this song is so bad, I only lasted about 40 seconds into it before I had to turn it off.

Remember the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black? A ordinary high school kid who blasted into the spotlight...thanks to YouTube. Well not sure what Rebecca is doing now, but that 15 minutes was sure fun.

I have never seen any of Tay Allyn's videos before, but this one is a doozy.  She is 24 years old posing as a kid in High School, and looks really out of place. Not that 24 is old by any means....I wish I was 24 again, but she looks much older and for some reason just creeped me out in her close ups.

This song is so bad, it could be a hit! Just like the movie "Sharknado", which was so bad it became hugely popular. Listen for yourself, if you can tolerate watching the whole thing.