Unfortunately for me and my family we have had a few run ins with this happening in our house, but if you act quickly you can save time and lots of money.

The first time our pipes froze was soon after we had moved in, the pipes for our bathroom are in the garage which is a tuck under and is not heated. We learned the hard way that these pipes were not well insulated and it cost hundreds of dollars for a plumber to come out with his special tool to defrost the pipes.

This has not been an issue for years since I have the pipes well insulated but, unfortunately this past weekend it happened again. The culprit this time is one of our kids left the garage door open and nobody noticed, so with this super cold weather our garage was the Arctic Circle.

Unbeknownst to me my amazing spouse recruited one of  our sons to help defrost the pipe and I woke up Sunday morning to people talking in the garage so I went to see what was happening and saw my son using a blow torch on what was actually an exposed drainage pipe.

My heart jumped out of my chest as I yelled STOP! Do Not Ever Use any type of flame to thaw the pipes, it could boil the water and make the pipe explode, and/or cause a fire!! Poor Cody must have jumped 5 feet when I first opened the door and yelled, but he obviously had no idea not to use that.

To make a long story short I pulled all the existing insulation, found the cold water pipe and proceeded to dry with a hair dryer. It took a lot of patience and a sore arm but i got it thawed out.  So please make preparations ahead of time, or if you do have a frozen pipe take precautions. I am just grateful I was able to thaw the pipe and nobody in my family got hurt in the process.