During the morning show today, I was head bobbing to a slower song that we were playing and Jeanne offered a funny observation that launched this whole conversation. She said that as I head bobbed to this song, I looked like "Karen Carpenter's creepy brother" as he plays the piano/keyboard for the 1970s soft rock band The Carpenters. If you need an example, here's her brother (Richard, in case you were curious) doing what Jeanne described.

So that spring-boarded us into talking about the song from The Carpenters that Tommy and Richard rock out to in the movie Tommy Boy. Neither of us remembered that during this iconic scene in the movie that there is a brief Duluth reference that pops up. Sure, it could be Duluth, Georgia, but the movie is centralized in the Midwest, so we're going with Duluth, Minnesota. Here you go, check out the reference early in the clip and enjoy rocking out with Tommy Boy!