Living in an area like this, many people love to become one with Nature, I ma not one of them. Now I do appreciate the beauty of this area, but I am a total City Slicker at heart, and I want to take it in on my terms.

I have to believe in my heart of hearts that a select few of you are on board with me on this too. I never went camping as a kid, we grew up in the suburbs and my mom and dad both grew up in the city so they did not camp as kids. I do remember my older brother and sisters went to camp but we as a family did not camp.

We did rent a cottage on Lake Michigan every summer and we would have bon- fires on the lake and going swimming and water skiing, but that is as hearty as we would get. The few times I have ever gone I was in a cabin or camper and after 2 days I was done.

I came across this article on BUZZFEED and i could totally relate, can you? Warning some of the pictures are N.S.F.W.