Yes it was a super long time ago, and man looking back this makes me feel really old. It was an exciting time to be living in Minneapolis, as all the world was watching!

Everyone has heard that Mark Dayton has pledged to try and get the 2018 Super Bowl back to Minneapolis, and with the new stadium it could very well happen. The last time the big game was in Minneapolis I had recently moved there after College. I was a fresh faced kid who loved everything about the Twin Cities and was excited for the big game.

I did not care about the actual game, I just loved seeing media trucks everywhere and the constant buzz downtown and beyond. For sure the highlight for me was going to an exclusive party at a bar rumored to be owned by Prince called "Glam Slam" in the warehouse district in Minneapolis.

Thanks to a good friend of mine we were able to go upstairs in the V.I.P area where I saw the biggest human beings I have ever seen, yes they were Pro Football players, but I had no idea who any of them were. As far as celebrities I knew, Prince and his entourage stopped in for a bit, and I saw Jason Priestly sitting on a couch, impressive right? :) But, it was the whole experience that mattered and we had a blast!

The Metrodome will soon be a memory, but fingers crossed that this world class event lands back in Minneapolis again, and who knows maybe a road trip would be in order, not to watch the game of course, but check out the festivities!