The ever accomplished Katy Perry enters into 2016 having retained her status as the most followed user on Twitter. She has officially surpassed 80 million followers on the micro-blogging site, beating out fellow competitors like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, artists with fan bases you'd assume might create multiple Twitter handles for the purpose of shooting their fave to the top spot. But alas, Perry remains Twitter Queen.

In celebration of this major accomplishment, we'd like to direct you to some of Perry's most popular tweets. In them, she praises fellow artists like One Direction (three times!), Demi Lovato and the aforementioned Bieber.

In fact, Perry's most popular tweet makes her sound like an unhinged Directioner. I know what this sounds like because I, personally, am one also. (I'd like to direct you to my lengthy review of their On The Road Again Tour for unrelenting proof of this claim.)

Back in 2012, when the United States were finally catching on to One Direction's intoxicating appeal, Perry wrote, "IF ONE DIRECTION DOESN'T PERFORM ON THE VMA'S I AM GONNA JUMP OFF THIS LEDGE." It has since been retweeted over 130,000 times and favorited (dare we saw liked?) over 75,500 times.

Next up is a tweet addressed to One Direction's only blond member, Niall Horan. Perry was a guest judge on the X Factor UK during Horan's audition. She cast the deciding vote that allowed Horan to progress to the next round in the competition, hence Perry can partially be credited with unleashing One Direction unto the world.

Further cementing her love for all things bubblegum pop, Perry's third most popular tweet indicates her status as a Belieber. She and a few friends donned Bieber's long-ago trademark purple hoodie, captioning the tweet, "WE ARE BELIEBERS!"

Perry has since gone on to praise Demi Lovato's stellar "Skyscraper" vocals and offer to be Horan's Mrs. Robinson.

Sadly, the post many allege is a subtweet aimed at Taylor Swift following her Nicki Minaj VMAs fiasco -- one we thought would count as her most popular -- is only Perry's sixth most popular tweet, despite being a leading example of delicious shade.

Is Perry Queen of your Twitter feed, too? Are you one of the 80 million users who follows her with rapt attention? Will anyone ever surpass her lead? Do we even want them to? Answer any and all of these questions in the comments below.

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