Kesha answered fan questions about everything from Halloween to tattoo safety in a new video, and the lovable party girl showed affection for each Animal who wrote in. She is so cute!

When a fan named Thomas asked what her Halloween plans were, K-Dollar-Sign replied, "Thomas, I love you. You are cool. Let's get married." Then she actually answered: "I think I'm going to be Dog the Bounty Hunter," she said matter-of-factly. "I don't know if you know who that is, but it's a man that has a mullet. And is awesome."

We wonder if that can top her favorite Halloween memory. "I dressed like a fern," Kesha said, "and I duct taped live plants all over my body so you couldn't even see me. I was at some party and my ... parts kept falling off. It was really awkward, but then I got drunk and it was fine."  Obviously!

Kesha went on to reveal that she has to finish mixing her sophomore album, 'Warrior,' and that she plans on hitting the road to support the record early next year. When she talks about her collaborators on 'Warrior,' Kesha revealed that she has one dream duet partner. "I am stalking Keith Richards," she deadpanned, "and I won't stop until the day that I die."

Our favorite parts? The 'Die Young' singer, who has quite the collection of body art, gave advice to an Animal on when and how to get his first tattoo -- and what not to get and where not to get it. But her performance of 'Baby Monkey' took the cake. Kesha, we want to keep you in our pockets!