Growing up in the Northern Midwest, everyone I know goes camping a lot. However I never knew a nude campground existed so close to Duluth. Two Creeks Campground's slogan is "Leave your troubles & your clothes behind you".

Two Creeks is located in Sandstone, MN (62399 Duxbury Rd) and they even have a website. The campground is a private, 100 acre secluded property for adults over the age of 21.

The camp is available from May 1st - mid-October. I'm assuming for safety reasons, no one can just come in from the road to camp, they have to register ahead of time. Also, it's not an entirely nude camp, clothing is always optional. You can check out the etiquette section here, please follow the rules if you decide to camp here.

Two Creeks has modern shower and bathroom facilities and the campground is large enough to accommodate camping vehicles and tents up to 40 feet. There are also spaces are for motor homes and pull behind campers. Plus there are campers, cabins and trailers available to rent.

I've never been to anything nude related before, and I'm not entirely sure it'd be a thing I'd want to go to. However, it's nice having the option being it's not far from Duluth and it seems like they went the extra mile to ensure safety. Check out a little history on the campground in the video below.