For those of you planning to avoid watching ‘The Hunger Games’ this weekend because you think all the actors look like prepubescent teens, think again. Liam Hemsworth — not to be confused with his equally hot ‘Avengers’ brother, Chris Hemsworth — is also starring in it, or did that fact slip your mind?

Remember this guy from ‘The Last Song’ with Miley Cyrus? Yeah, he totally went shirtless dozens of times in that, and we’re crossing our fingers that he does it again for ‘Hunger Games.’ Although he might not ’cause before he was probably trying to woo his future girlfriend with his rockin’ body and we can’t say the same thing about him and Jennifer Lawrence. A girl can dream, though, right?

Just to remind you of how good he looks shirtless, take a look at some pics from ‘The Last Song.’