I would recommend not trying any of these insane stunts at home during the 4th of July, but if you decide not to heed my advice, please make sure you're capturing video of the explosive event at  least!

From a world record to a neighborhood record, these pyromaniacs firmly believe in "going big or going home"!

10 Million Firecrackers - 2006 World Record

At the 2006 Fireworks Convention in Appleton, Wisconsin, 2 world records were broken. In this 3 min. clip you will see the entire event. They are the most firecrackers lit in one megastring (approx. 10,500,000) and the most firecrackers in one superstring.

20,000 Bottle Rockets

In under 2 minutes you'll see 20,000 whistling bottle rockets shoot up in the air and listen to some horrible pre-show conversation, "they light one and run like hell".

18,000 Firecrackers

I realize that you just saw a video with over 10 million firecrackers, so 18,000 may seem like child's play, and it is, but these neighborhood pyro's pulled off a feat that no kid could touch.

300 Roman Candles and Bottle Rockets

These fire bugs thought it would be cool to mix fireworks, and I have to say, good work gentleman. Throwing 300 roman candles and hundreds of bottle rockets into a garbage can has spectacular results.