20 years after filming wrapped in Duluth on the inspirational Disney movie 'Iron Will', the star of the movie, Mackenzie Astin, returned to the Twin Ports to celebrate and reminisce on the anniversary of a movie so many Duluthians had a hand in.

The reunion was organized by the Duluth Superior Film Festival which hosted a screening and panel discussion of the film tonight at The Depot.

Earlier in the day Astin reunited with some castmates on a train for a short ride up the shore in a couple of cars that were used in the filming of the movie,  while on the train Astin shared stories of his time in the Twin Ports and the movie, took photos and signed a few autographs.

Astin seemed a little surprised to see that a crowd had formed at The Depot as the train arrived back at the station, the 40 year old actor now sporting a red beard departed the train with Duluth Mayor Don Ness and applauded the impromptu audience.

Ness presented Astin with a proclamation of "Iron Will Day" in the city of Duluth, afterward Astin gave a short speech thanking the crowd while appearing to brush away a tear or two.

The gracious Astin stayed until every person that wanted either an autograph or picture got it, despite many attempts to move him along by organizers. He was adamant about staying for all the fans that showed up to see him, and that speaks volumes about what kind of man Mackenzie Astin is, way to go Mac!