If you haven’t already picked up Maroon 5‘s newest album ‘Overexposed,’ then you should probably march yourself over to the nearest corner and sit for a time out. We’re basically a walking advertisement for the album for two reasons: 1) We’re hoping Adam Levine will somehow notice us; and 2) The bonus tracks on the album are pretty sick.

Take for instance the band’s cover of Prince’s ‘Kiss.’ They’ve already tackled a song about Mick Jagger, so why not move on to another hip swaying and sexualized singer? The cover is less poppy than the rest of the album and the arrangement is far different than that of Prince’s, but we appreciate the more mature sounding Maroon 5. And we don’t need Levine to tell us twice to kiss him.

No word on whether or not they plan to release a video for the cover, although we doubt it. But it would be interesting to see Levine in the purple velvet suit Prince donned ages ago. Sadly, with Levine’s buzzed haircut, he won’t be able to rock the pompadour, but we’ll settle for just about anything when it comes to Mr. Adam Levine.

Listen to Maroon 5 Cover Prince’s ‘Kiss’