OK, the bottled water craze has finally "jumped the shark" with new MeatWater.  Meat flavored water, really?

I love meat, give me a steak or a hamburger anytime, but this does not even remotely sound good or worth trying.  I've tried the Jones Soda novelty flavors before, and those are nasty, I can't imagine what these taste like, I have a felling MeatWater won't be around very long.

New Yorker Till Krautkraemer is the founder of MeatWater, a beverage company that creates hearty -- and obviously meaty -- meal supplement drinks in highly unusual flavors like cheeseburger, barbecued chicken wings and Italian sausage.

To ring in the new year and toast to a healthier lifestyle, Krautkraemer has just released four new offbeat offerings that are vegan-friendly and devoid of animal byproducts.

MeatWater that tastes like poached salmon salad

Courtesy of Till Krautkraemer

Weird beverage line MeatWater has just released four new flavors for the health-conscious consumer: poached salmon salad, seen here, grilled chicken salad, beef salad and shrimp salad.

via Beverage Company MeatWater Introduces Beef-Flavored Water.