While Miley Cyrus and her tour have been the subject of controversy mired by crazy antics lately, the former Disney starlet is showing that she still has a good heart by making a dream come true for a fan in Minnesota suffering from leukemia.

On Miley's Bangerz tour stop in the Twin Cities on Monday (March 10), a central Minnesota girl named Lulu Martinez got to meet the singer courtesy of her big sister launching a Twitter campaign to arrange the meeting.

The campaign began with the Twitter hashtag #MileytoLulu, which managed to catch Cyrus's attention. Lulu and her friends were invited backstage at the Xcel Energy Center before Monday night's show.

"Screaming, can't breathe, is this actually happening? Stuff like that," Lulu said about her reaction to finding out that she would be getting face time with Cyrus. Lulu even gave Miley one of her own shirts and a Team Lulu bracelet, and they talked and took pictures.

The experience made Lulu's night.

She said, "I'll probably brag about it at school until I graduate and then after I get married too."

Lulu even cracked a joke about being so excited she might throw up on the singer, but she kept it together.

"Well, at first I was because I wasn't feeling good and I'm like, 'I'm going to meet Miley and I'm going to puke and she's going to remember me as the girl who puked.' But I didn't puke. I was all good. It went smooth," she said.

Miley's camp tweeted a photo of the meeting, and shared it with her fans.

Here's a story KARE 11 in the Twin Cities ran about the meeting between Miley and the starstruck fan.