There may not be an official smartphone app to access the Minnesota DNR's extensive information about parks, lakes, hunting grounds, and other outdoor areas; but that doesn't mean you can't easily get all of this information on your phone.

While this website isn't new, I'm surprised by the number of my friends that are avid outdoorspeople that had no clue about the Minnesota DNR's Recreational Compass until I showed it to them. Their responses were similar to mine when I discovered the website - wow, this is really handy!

The Recreational Compass allows users to access valuable information about state parks, public water access points, lake depth maps and fish survey information, public hunting lands, events, trails, and much more. You can either search for specific information, or use a detailed and customizable map to discover new places and activities.

The interface for the mobile site is fantastic, eliminating the need for an app and saving some storage space on your phone. Like most apps, however, it may not work in some of the more extremely remote areas of the state, depending on your phone company's data coverage. That being said, it may not hurt to make some notes or take a few screenshots before you make your trip away from civilization.

You can access the Minnesota DNR's Recreational Compass at