Joe Bullen was born with a cleft palate and he wanted to help raise money and awareness for other kids with the birth defect by longboarding and collecting donations.

41 year old Bullen has gone through many surgeries through his life and decided to take a 158 mile journey on his longboard to raise awareness and take donations on the way. He started on Friday in Canal Park and shared his journey via Facebook. He arrived yesterday in Minneapolis to an applauding crowd.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, Bullen partnered with Smile Network International, a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization that provides reconstructive surgeries and related health care to impoverished children and adults with cleft lips and palates in developing nations.

I think this is such a cool idea and I'm glad he made it safely. I think just driving to Minneapolis is exhausting, I couldn't imagine doing it on a long board. Bullen also setup a fundraising page to help raise money, calling it 'Joe's Miles For Smiles'. With so much bad going on in the world, we definitely need more people like Joe!