Joe Mauer is now officially "the former starting catcher for the Minnesota Twins". The team announced today in a release that Mauer will permanently be moved to first base starting with the 2014 season (this upcoming season).

According to a release from the Minnesota Twins, the decision was made following a "consultation with doctors from Mayo Clinic and team doctors, and given the inherent risks of future injury at the catcher position."

Mauer has dealt with a few health issues during his time behind the plate, including the famous "bilateral leg weakness" that had him missing games a few years ago and a concussion in August of this past season, among other problems. The move doesn't guarantee against further injury, but it does promise decrease some wear on Mauer and keep his valuable bat in the lineup for more games each season.

Mauer isn't completely unfamiliar with first base. He has played 56 career games at the position.

The release from the Minnesota Twins states that Mauer has been symptom-free from the concussion and is beginning his regular offseason workouts without any restrictions.