The Minnesota Department of Transportation has heard your pleas about how loud and annoying Rumble Strips on the side of the highways can be, and they are making a change.

Rumble Strips are the grooves in the road on the side and some cases in the middle of the lanes, which make your tire rumble and cause a pretty loud sound as well, to alert the driver to get back in the lane. Even though these strips have saved countless lives in preventing accidents, to residents who live near these roads, the sound can be unbearable.

According to MN DOT over 800 miles of roads in MN have these traditional Rumble Strips, mostly in rural areas. But, these new strips are also very expensive, so they will be placed in areas where the need is the greatest. I know for myself that I have been grateful for these as i accidentally drifted out of the lane. Yes it is really loud, but it shook me up enough to know I needed to pay better attention to what I was doing. If you never realized just how loud these can be outside of the car, check out the video below.