The Lake Superior Zoo welcomed two little faces to the primate exhibit Ring- Tailed Lemurs born last month.

Lemurs are found only on the island of Madagascar and nearly becoming extinct due to interference from man. So, for these two babies to be thriving and doing so well is beyond exciting. I was lucky enough to tour the zoo this morning with the help of some awesome Zoo Staff Keely and Kim, and I was in love with these babies at first sight.

These two make up the 4th generation of this family of Lemurs, who I must say are very agile and fun to watch. I still cannot get over how the mama Lemur can jump and climb with two little babies....The wonder of nature. This is a must see exhibit for you to bring the whole family to see.  For more information on this expanding family and all the great features of the zoo Click Here

Below is a video I shot this a.m. sorry about the baby talk babbling I was doing in the background, I was just so excited and could not help myself.