A new movie production studio will be making Chisholm their new home on the Iron Range reaching an agreement on it's historic city hall.

Ironbound Studios Minnesota has reached a $2.5 million lease-purchase agreement with Chisholm on its historic city hall. Jerry Seppala (founder of Ironbound) originally from Wayzata says the full-service production studios will be able to create movies, television shows and commercials.

There's also some incentives on having a studio due to Minnesota's "Snowbate" program. The program provides rebates to film companies for up to 25 percent of what they spend in the state. The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board also offers a 20 percent rebate to projects shot in its northeast Minnesota service area.

I think it's great that not only Chisholm's historic city hall found a new owner, but also having a new movie studio in Minnesota is exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing what Ironbound Studios has in store and let me know what you think about the new studio in the comments below.