Music Fans rejoice, some oldie but goodies out this week. And no I am not just referring to the members of Aerosmith.

You gotta love weeks like this when you have a blend of newer artists and some established artists with compilations as well.

1.) Aerosmith "Legendary Child"  -Now this is the first single off their forthcoming album, that they debuted on American Idol. Actual album release date is tentatively set for August 2012.

2.) Crystal Bowersox ("American Idol" season 9 finalist)     "Once Upon a Time …"  She has a new grill, and is back in business!

3.) Danny Elfman- "Men in Black 3"  -Giving Pitbull a run for his money!

4.) Scissor Sisters "Magic Hour" (collaborators: Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Diplo, Alex Rihda [BoysNoize], Azealia Banks)- Two snaps and a circle ....Love Them!

Some Old School Classic Compilations below:

5.) Fugees "Playlist: The Very Best of Fugees"

6.) Pet Shop Boys "Format" (B-sides and bonus tracks, 1996-2009; two CDs, 38 songs)

7.)Britney Spears "Playlist: The Very Best of Britney Spears"  -Girl please 15 million to be a judge on X-Factor's  not enough?