For anybody who owns a dog, some days you feel awfully guilty when you see that sad face looking at you as you shut the door. Well, maybe someday your best buddy can come with you to the office?

Our workplace here at the radio station is pretty laid back, on any given day you may see a kid walking down the hallway or even a dog sitting in one of the studios, but of course not everyone is that lucky.

If you are someone who is campaigning to have your dog come to work with you once in a while, a new study says this may actually boost productivity for the entire office. Dogs can bring out the best in people, help them relax, make them laugh or maybe even feel wanted.

Of course they can also be a distraction as would definitely be the case for me If I brought either one of our dogs. I would have to keep the office door closed for sure, and since I share an office with 2 other people that would not work, and I would have to bring them out for a  lot of potty breaks. But again they both are small enough to sit on my desk. Hmmmmm :)