A company called Coursesmart is revolutionizing how teachers can monitor if students are reading assigned e-books, if they are skipping pages and If they are highlighting certain pages.

These particular e-books are already being used by several professors at Texas A&M University and it helps the teacher to know what to help the student with for that particular class. Yes big brother is watching, but what a great tool this would be for younger kids as well.

Of course I say that now because I am done with school, but when I was in college I was the person dropping a ton of money on Cliff Notes. If you don't know what those are Google it. :) As a parent this would be a very helpful since we are not sure what the kids are reading at all times, or if they have a cell phone propped up inside the book.

Educational tools have made leaps and bounds in recent years and kids are being held more and more accountable for staying on top of their work. Things like parent portals, have been awesome to be able to constantly check up on the kids homework and see how they are doing in school.