A very dear friend of mine was part of an aerobics fitness competition back in 1988, and for some reason these videos are popping up on YouTube all over again.

For those of you who were not around in 1988, or were to young to remember, you sure missed out on some amazing music and fashion. The 1980's was all about self expression in the most colorful over the top way possible. As you can see by the outfits in the video Spandex was super popular too. :)

My friend Doug competed in this aerobics challenge representing "The Firm" a premiere workout studio in Minneapolis, and is still there teaching aerobics and managing this very busy and amazing place. I know that he is a super good sport about this video, and is proud of being in the business of fitness for many years. He has a huge following at any class that he teaches, and is very well known in the Twin Cities community.

So, If you are feeling a little run down today, check out the insane pace and enthusiasm of these contestants. Is it possible to get tired just from watching? By the way my friend Doug appears on screen around 2:15 into the video!