Do you or one of your daughters have an American Girl doll? If you are willing to part with it, you could make some serious cash.

It is funny to me how something like a doll or toy years later can be worth big bucks to collectors. Of course we were all kids once, and I do not know of any kid who got a toy and kept it in the box to save and preserve to sell much later. Now the big craze is vintage American Girl Dolls.

Now before you start rummaging through your daughters closet, their are certain ones that are fetching this hefty price and they must be in mint condition. Our now almost 14 year old has one and I can guarantee you, the doll wherever she may be is a mess.

Not like we would ever sell it, the whole point of the one we purchased for her is a replica of her. That was the appeal, to special order a doll that looks like your child. She was super excited at first, but like most things the shine wore off pretty quickly.

Again a note for parents, sometimes we are more excited about the toy then our kids who eventually move onto something else. For more information on what dolls are valuable right now CLICK HERE