September 11th-17th is International Housekeepers Week, so as we get ready to celebrate this international holiday for the person who cleans up after our mess either at home or while you're staying in your favorite hotel, let's take a look at the top 5 most recognizable TV housekeepers.

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    The Jetsons

    The best and maybe the only cartoon housekeeper is Rosey from The Jetsons. Rosey was the household robot that cleaned and dispenses advice to the family from time to time, she made only 2 appearances in the 1960's version of the show, but in the 80's she made many more appearances.

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    Charles in Charge

    Scott Baio starred as the 19 year old live in babysitting/housekeeping student of a local college, who worked for room and board. The show ran 5 seasons and taped 126 episodes.

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    Edna Garrett

    Diff'rent Strokes/Facts of Life

    She was so popular that she starred in two shows, 'Diff'rent Strokes' and 'Facts of Life', of course we're talking about Mrs. Garrett, or Mrs. G, either way this character played by Charlotte Rae was loved by millions throughout the 80's. The producers found that Mrs. G was so popular that they created a show for her called 'The Girls School' which later turned into 'Facts of Life'. She did 41 episodes of 'Diff'rent Strokes' and 145 of 'Facts of Life'. Charlotte Rae still works as an actress, most recently on 'Pretty Little Liars' on ABC Family.

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    Tony Micelli

    Who's The Boss

    'Who's The Boss' ran for 8 seasons on ABC and it starred the loveable former baseball player turned housekeeper Tony Micelli, played by Tony Danza. Tony was the live in housekeeper for the Bower family, headed by Angela, a divorced, uptight advertising executive. The show was nominated for more than 40 awards, including ten Primetime Emmy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards.

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    Alice Nelson

    The Brady Bunch

    Simply known as Alice, she is top of the laundry pile, as far as TV housekeepers go. Played by Ann B. Davis, Alice was the housekeeper to the very large and messy Brady Family or 'Brady Bunch'. The show only ran for 5 seasons, but played in syndication for years after and even spawned a major motion picture in 1995. Alice, probably more than any other housekeeper on our list was part of the family, be it a very large family.