Clips from Pink's 'VH1 Storytellers' have landed online and the sassy singer sure had fun detailing the inspiration and meanings behind her songs. She clearly has gift of gab.

For 'So What,' she talked about going to Sweden and calling her husband Carey Hart while drunk before writing the song. She asked him, "Are you sure you don't want to work this out?," since they were going through a separation. The song is funny and Pink reveals she likes to incorporate humor into her lyrics.

Lily Allen joined her feisty pal for 'True Love,' and it was cute, with such palpable, pops-off-the-screen chemistry. Pink says she's a dork around Allen, admiring the Brit for being so smart and bada---.

For 'Sober,' the singer born Alecia Moore spoke about how she used to do drugs, and revealed how and when she stopped. She was 15, got a record deal, and then she was 21 and had to become a grown up. As she got older, she started to drink wine -- "because I am sophisticated now" -- especially when she and Hart were apart. She recalled being drunk and hating everyone at her rented house when she came up with the song.

She reveals what it was like work with Nate Ruess from fun., and even brought him on stage to perform with her! She also dished on 'Family Portrait,' a song based on poem she wrote when she was 9.

On a side note, despite her often harsh and hilarious banter about their breakup, Pink also wants people to know she's not mean to her hubby Carey. Willow's parents are fine and totally happy together!

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