Our son Cody turns 12 today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY! We celebrated his birthday last night and he got a smaller present...his big presnt was a new cell phone.

Anyway, Cody loves to swim and said he wanted some scuba gear....flippers mask and snorkel. He made it very clear he wanted a good one. Not like the cheaper ones we have gotten in the past where the mask leaks 10 seconds after he put it on. So, we went and got him a snorkel kit for bigger kids. He was ecstatic, and was walking around the house in his flippers for about an hour. But, when it came time to attach the snorkel he snapped the piece that holds the snorkel to the mask.....ohhh the sadness. Have you ever seen a kid stare at something they broke, and try to magically piece it back together. Right out of the package a new record 10 seconds, and broken. No worries we figured out a way to attach the snorkel to his mask, now all we need is warmer temperatures so he actually can go swimming!